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So, although I have arranged all these beautiful guest posts i thought to pop by to say hello and share an amazing giveaway (agaiiiin? Yes! again!!) with you guys.

This time we celebrate Sam's birthday and we are giving you a chance to win a Kate Spade giftcard!! Yeah! :) I know all of you have "craved" a little something from Kate Spade and either you can't afford it either you haven't decoded yet what to buy, since everything is amazing. Now it's the time to purchase the shoes you've been eyeing!!

no need to say that the more entries you have the more possible it gets to win the prize. And don't forget to check out these people's lovely blogs, since without them this giveaway wouldn't have been brought to you.

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Guest Post | Cocorrina

Hi everyone! This is Corina, and i’m super excited to be posting today for Anna-Rosa! Halloween, is pretty much my favourite holiday of all. Although we don’t celebrate it in Greece, i do have a soft spot about anything spooky, even though i’m an extreme scaredy cat, there’s something about Halloween that makes my heart beat faster.

I’ve been always fascinated by Catrina, the Mexican Goddess of the dead. So much that in fact i’m already working on my next -and big one- tattoo, that’s going to be Catrina herself, amongst with Peonies. The idea of celebrating, and not be scared of death, remembering our loved ones with happiness could not describe me more. 

Working on designing this Catrina skull, maybe me happier than any other personal project i’ve ever worked on. All purely designed in Illustrator, with a huge smile on my face, experimenting with dots and shapes that look like flowers. This is definitely my favourite kind of illustration. 

So, i prepared two versions of a Muerta Invitation, one in gold and one in black. You can simply print the black and gold one and write your wording on the back with a golden marker. It’s going to look amazing trust me. Or you can choose the most minimal black and white one. Enjoy!

Download here


Guest Post | OY Blog

Hi MyLifeBox readers! I'm Carol from OY! blog, I'm guest posting for Anna-Rosa while she is away with friends traveling and having fun. So glad she invited me to her beautiful blog and because we have a love for fashion i wanted to share some TRIP BASICS for travelers that want to carry light but don't loose style. I will pack basic pieces that match together and can be layered up, don't forget to travel chic with some fashion sneakers with fun patterns to match with solid colors on other garments. Some hip accessories like sunglasses, iPod cases, and little bags to put all your cosmetics and bath essentials. I will recommend a light notebook to keep all inspiration track and places to visit too. And a big bag to carry all things for long walks and keep camera and wallet safe.

Hope you enjoy this guest post and the next time you travel you do it with style and fun.

Hi Tek Sunglasses
Field Notes Notebook
Lagarconne Dress
Cos Coat
Building block Bag
Clare Vivier iPad case
Anthropologie sneakers


Guest Post | My Paradissi

Hello My Lifebox readers! This is Eleni, blogger behind My Paradissi and I’m here to fill up for sweet Anna-Rosa while she’s enjoying some well deserved time off. I know Anna-Rosa is a dearest fan of cooking (like, please, how delicious does this salad look?) so I thought I’d prepare for you a post that combines both the culinary essences of smell and taste with the visual one a decent interior designer and architect (hello Anna-Rosa) swears by. That means delicious recipes prepared in equally astonishing kitchens that, of course, get along perfectly in style and vibe. Like fresh vegetables and sleek surfaces, creamy cheese and whitewashed spaces, crisped bread and unrefined woods. Does it make any sense to you? I feel that the surroundings play a vital role for ones health and inspiration. Yes, no junk food is allowed in the above kitchens ;)

If you are indeed inspired and crave for some healthy delicacies, you can find the links to the recipes here:

You can always drop by My Paradissi to say hi :) Thanks Anna-Rosa for having me!

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Guest Post | Yeobo

Hello, we are Becka & Nathan from Yeobo blog  We are so excited to be joining you on Anna-Rosa’s lovely piece of the web. Since she’s on a Euro-tour of her own (lucky lady), we thought this would be a perfect time to give you a few of our travel tips. Nathan just visited Italy in June, so let’s start there!  If you’re visiting Italy, you're probably staying in a bigger city as a hub and taking day trips to explore the surrounding areas. Here are four things to always have in your day bag. 

Don't leave your camera behind for the sake of comfort, you'll end up regretting it an hour into your day. Plan ahead, bring a larger bag to comfortably tote your gadgets. Or invest in a camera strap you won’t be embarrassed to wear all day. We love this one from Tanner Goods. 

An easy change
Guess what, Italy can get really hot... Depending on your traveling dates, it can be shirt sticking, face dripping kinda hot. Yuck. A smart traveler brings an extra shirt, or even a complete change of clothes. This will save you come 9 o'clock when the sun has gone down and your looking for a nice place to eat dinner. We realize this isn’t the most glamorous tip, but trust us... you’ll want to freshen up a bit after walking about all day in the hot sun. We love basics that can easily be tossed on with just about anything. Everlane has the perfect pieces for him and her.

Phone charger / adapter
Your phone will die and it will die fast. Even if your battery is fully charged, the constant yelping, gps locating and instagramming (all while you're roaming in a foreign country) will surely drain your battery. Fortunately there are tons of places to charge, like outlets on trains or in train stations. Just make sure you have the right adapter for your cables. We love these cord tacos to keep everything neat in your bag. 

Extra room
Lastly, you want to leave some room. If your packed to the brim, you're going to be very sad when you can't fit that gorgeous pair of leather sandals into your bag. Roaming new cities often leads to shopping. Leave space for it!

Thanks for having us!
Becka & Nathan


and off we go...

So guys, this is it! 
In a couple of hours I'll be on a boat to Crete and I couldn't be more excited! On Sunday we will be heading to Venice and on Tuesday to Lausanne. Not to mention that on the 25th I'll go visit my boyfriend in The Netherlands!!! Can't wait to see him <3 
Three birds with one stone: Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Plus I'll get to have my friend-time and my boyfriend-time, all in one trip. Ok it's not a small one, but still...everything I need right now. 

Well the exciting part, in terms of blogging, is that I have scheduled a series of enormously exciting guest posts. Some of my top favorite fellow bloggers will be contributing here, on my little niece of the internet, keeping you updated while I'll be having some time off of everything. A much needed break!

Feel free to follow along my Euro-trip via Instagram, since it will be the only of the social medias I won't be able to let go, lol! 

Stay tuned cause the Guest Posting period starts on Friday with a lovely post, kinda related to my trip.

See you in Novembeeeeeeeer!!!!!

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GIVEAWAY | MyPreciousCG Jewelry

I love giveaways, don't you? And I even more love sharing others creative work, especially when it is so f***ing good! MY PRECIOUS CG is a new wonderful Etsy shop, owned by a lovely and sweet girl, Chara (fyi for those of you not Greek, Chara means joy...).

So guys, this giveaway, besides being a lovely way to introduce you to Chara's work, it also makes a great gift for her birthday which is on the 27th of October. That being said, it only makes sense to close it then, right? 

Before jumping into how you can enter though, allow me to show you a bit more of MY PRECIOUS CG jewelry. Below you see one of the many beautiful photos from Chara's recent photo shoot taken by the amazing Vasia Katramadaki, whose photos you need to check. Believe me. 

Everything you need to know about this giveaway:
- the winner will get to choose her favorite piece (one) from the three jewelry pieces displayed on the first image.
- it is open to international readers
- it will end on the 27th of October and the winner will be contacted shortly after
- the winner should respond within one week, otherwise s/he will lose the price and another winner will be chosen
- the winner will be randomly chosen by the Rafflecopter widget

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