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As I told you on my last post, I plan on moving to the Netherlands by the end of the summer on 1st of August. Truth to be told, I don't know exactly what I'll be doing but I feel it is the right time to have this experience in my life.

Anyway, many times during our conversations with A. about me moving there, I can't help but think that I've been living by my own for 7 years now, always in extra spacious places. And then, when I picture my life in the Netherlands I realize that we will probably live in a way smaller house than the one i have now and with way less room for working.

When I came across WeWork, a coworking company, I was inspired to post about my work space and  all the little features of my studio that make the difference for me -and probably I'll miss a tone when abroad. WeWork is a lovely community that helps creative people work in amazingly friendly and beautiful environments by providing lovely spaces in a handful of locations all around the world. Well, i'm checking out Amsterdam soon ;)

Well, I am lucky enough to own an apartment so I have relatively more room for myself. Therefore, where there should be a living room, I have my workplace. I chose a big, 4m long, working table, that -let's be honest- works perfectly as a dining table as well. The best part of it is that it is so long that I can easily divide it into different working areas. As you know, my first occupation is architecture. Then I am a jewelry designer and somewhere in between -not so much lately- I am a blogger. Having a working place like that helps me keep things in order without flipping out. The left side belongs to jewelry making. The right side to architecture. And in between everything else. If I have someone over for work, this is his spot. If I'm working on a separate project for the blog, it belongs there. 

Another important feature, that's not pictured above, is a little sofa I have. Mostly used as my dogs spot, but it gives a more "hommie" and cozy aspect to the space and many times if I need to relax i just take my laptop and move my business there for a while ;)

However, other than the left side of the table that's full of ropes, copper pieces and materials for my jewelry, the rest of the room is rather architectural. I have four bookcases full of architecture books and four big b&w framed posters with the works of the most famous architects.

Anyway, I believe that the space people work in is really important and can have a great impact on the quality of their work as well as their psychology. So, the fact that WeWork provides spaces like that is at least reassuring and inspiring. 


Birthday Post

original photo via Avenue

Well well! I'm 25 now. yeah!! I have to admit it feels better than expected. It sure helps that yesterday I had one hell of a night with most of the people I love around me. My boyfriend as you know is in the Netherlands so he couldn't come :( BUT I'm going to see him in 10 days and I couldn't be happier!!! Also, my two best friends, Kynthia & Antigone are in Switzerland and Thessaloniki. BUT they sent me flowers. Beautiful flowers!! And they know that flowers make me smile!!

About last night: Even though I used to throw parties at my place every year, this year felt right to move the celebration to a different, more adult-ish, place. So I invited everyone to Buba, a beautiful new bar-restaurant that opened in Kifisia (the neighborhood I grew up in). Everything was lovely. The music, the wine, the finger food. I have nothing to complaint about. And all the happy faces around me were totally worth it :) 

Regarding this year's resolution, I'm not sure I have anything interesting to share. I think I still stand by what I said last year. I'm sure (I hope at least) I have quite evolved since then but yet I don't feel like pointing out something new.Truth to be told I'm experiencing a lot of changes and I'm going to experience a lot more during the summer. Planning on moving to the Netherlands by the end of summer, searching for a job, debating with myself whether I should invest more in my Jewelry Collection* or find a cool Architecture firm to work in...all these and some more are making it difficult for me to act zen and sophisticated about life. So I'll skip the resolution part for today. And let's hope that I will have everything figured out by September.

Here's to everything beautiful that 25 has in store for me :)

*don't forget that I'll be taking a break from jewelry making for a couple of weeks and you'll get the chance to buy anything you want from my shop 25% less!


25% DISCOUNT (a birthday offer)

Here I am. One day before i turn 25 and  still can't believe it. How fast time flies? It feels just yesterday when I moved back to Athens and yet it's been more than a year. I remember how happy I was for throwing a birthday party -more like a soiree if I want to be honest- in my new apartment. And i remember inviting people I had just met and now, one year later, I call them friends. 

Anyway, probably I'll post more on my birthday one of the next days. My today's post, although inspired by my birthday, is a completely different topic! I have many times posted how incredibly thankful I am for the support and appreciation people from all over the world have shown for my jewelry collection. Since i feel that this is a very precious gift you've all given me, it felt only right to reciprocate. Therefore, I will offer 25% off every item for the next days (until the 25th)!! How great is that? And in return I will take a small break from jewelry making with a short visit at Chania and Rotterdam. While not for pleasure I will definitely enjoy some days off away from Athens. 


Mother's day

Everyone has a person in his life that holds really close to his heart. So close that it is almost a part of it. That person for me is my mum. It might sound cliche but it is 100% true. My mum has been my mmother, my father and my friend for my whole life. I practically owe everything I've turned into, to her. Personally and professionally. She has always been the person to look up to and my most strict judge. But in the most loving and caring way possible. We sure have had our difficulties and I've stormed out quite a lot screaming at her that she cannot get me at all. But who hasn't claimed at least once that their parents don't get them? And believe me, bottom line, she's the only one that gets me that good. 

So, mum, I first need to say a big thank you for being there for me no matter what. For supporting whatever crazy thoughts and ideas I might have and for understanding my feelings so well, every time. You are my favorite person to share a wagamama meal with <3 And I always enjoy watching cheesy movies with you while you almost certainly fall asleep. I promise I will do my best to show you my love more and be more understanding when I'm not and I promise to cook for you your favorite mini potatoes with rosemary whenever possible.

Love you!


May may May

Happy May & happy Sunday people!
May is my month so I'm super excited. In a few days I'll be turning 25 - which i guess is a big deal. Or not. I haven't decided yet how I feel about it. Usually I'm thrilled about birthdays and stuff. I never minded about getting older. But 25 feels a bit different, don't you think? I can't stop thinking where I imagined myself at 25 - and how far I am from being that person. Well, I guess it is only natural to question my achievements,right? Anyway, I have 9 more days to overthink about it :)

On a more general note, May is a bit more summery but still holds the freshness of spring! love love love it! Let's all have the best of it..



DIY | Marbled Blue & White Rings

Yes yes! It was about time. After a whole year, with the entire blogosphere constantly blabbering about marble and everything marble-ish, I decided to give it a try. And I nailed it :) So here are a few step by step instructions on how to marble with polymer clay yourself. The photos show how I did these rings below but I also made a cute little necklace and another one not shown here because my friend Mariana took it with her to France before taking any pictures :) 

For the full tutorial continue >>>

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